Twaddle-Free Tote Bag

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This Twaddle-free Tote Bag has quickly become a favorite in our family.  About nine years ago, I first heard of the idea/category of Twaddle at a Carole Joy Seid seminar.  I immediately incorporated it into our family vocabulary and vowed never to be a buyer or consumer of twaddle.  My kids quickly took up the banner and developed discernment at the local library, ignoring the stacks of twaddle and digging through for treasures of delight.  We apply the same lens to the movies we watch and the music we listen to.  In a culture subsumed in twaddle, join the resistance!

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We use this bag to haul library books, bring food and supplies to a picnic at the park, give hand-me-down clothes to families at church, pack violin, cello, and harp books for ensemble practices, and everything else in between.

We love tote bags and have had a small supply of them for years. I have always wanted to create my own line of tote bags to better reflect what we believe, and to ignite conversations with passers-by.  This tote bag fits the bill perfectly!

-Size: 14.75″W x 14.75″H; 22″ handles; 4” gusset
-Color: Natural
-Material: 100% cotton canvas; Heavy-duty woven handles
-Care: Spot Clean with Mild Soap and Water


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