Sanctification happens here (wall art)

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This gorgeous print is brand new to Sword & Trowel!

I daily (and hourly) need reminders that the work I’m doing in the home is part of the process of becoming holy.  God works through the daily grind, as it were, to mold and shape my heart to become more like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Putting to death oneself is never pleasant, is it? But when we remember that there are theological implications of choosing others ahead of ourselves, of setting aside our own interests in favor of others, of casting off impatience and putting on righteousness — well, then it helps replant our hearts where they should be rooted: in the soil of gospel truth, where branches are pruned, life springs forth, and light vanquishes darkness.

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This is a gorgeous 8″ x 10″ silver foil print on 100 lb paper.

Perfect for framing or displaying on its own via a clip or just on a shelf on its own.


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